Reservations and Check-in / Check-out

Q.Do you offer any transportation service from and to the nearest station?

Yes, we do. Our shuttle bus service is available in between Kawaguchiko Station, the nearest station, and the hotel. Please see the time table as follows:
  • From Kawaguchiko Station
    10:45 / 11:45 / 13:45 / 14:45 / 15:45 / 16:45 / 17:45 / 18:45
    ※The shuttle bus departing from Kawaguchiko Station at 08:45 AM and 09:45 AM will not be available until further notice.
  • From Fuji-View Hotel
    8:30 / 9:30 / 10:30 / 11:30 / 13:30 / 14:30 / 15:30 / 16:30 / 17:30 / 18:30
*It takes about 10 minutes for the one way.
*The time table might be changed or out of service due to bad weather or/and heavy traffic.

Q.Do you have onsite parking? If so, how much is parking?

Yes, we do. Car parking is for free of charge for our guests. The number of car parking slots are 86.

Q.What time is your Check-in and Check-out time?

Check-in is from 3:00PM to 12:00midnight /Check-out is from 7:00AM to 11:00AM.

Q.Can I check my luggage before check in time or after check out?

Yes, you can. We keep your luggage at your check-in day and check-out day. Please ask at the front desk for more information.

Q.Is my passport required at check-in?

Yes. We require a passport at the time of check in. It is mandatory under Japanese law since April 1st, 2005. The Japanese Government requires "foreign nationals who do not possess an address in Japan" to provide their nationality and passport number etc. and make a copy of their passport upon checking in at lodgings.

Q.Is it possible to send my luggage in advance of my stay?

Yes. Please send the luggage to the following address after making a booking. Please make sure to write down your reservation name and the date of check-in.

511 Katsuyama, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0310, Japan
C/O Fuji-View Hotel, Front Desk, REGISTERED NAME / CHECK-IN DATE
*Please be reminded, we cannot keep cash, valuables, fragile goods, goods that need temperature-control.

Q.Do you have any non-smoking room?

All of our guest rooms are non-smoking rooms.

Q.Do you have any designated smoking area in the hotel?

Smoking areas are located outside of the hotel's entrance and a smoking booth is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel.

Q.What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation fees will apply according to our hotel policy. More information is as follows:
  1. 30% penalty on the first night stay for a cancellation received 3days prior to arrival.
  2. 50% penalty on the first night stay for a cancellation received 1day prior to arrival.
  3. 100% penalty on the first night stay for a cancellation received on the day of arrival.
  4. 100% penalty for no shows.
∗ Cancellation policy for a group more than 14 guests are different from above mentioned. Please ask our reservation staff for more information.

Q.What Credit Cards are accepted?

All major credit card are accepted: VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DC, JCB, DINERS, China Union Pay card.

Q.What is your hotel's pet policy?

Sorry. No pets are allowed to enter our hotel except assistant dogs.

Q.Are assistant dogs allowed?

Yes, there are no restrictions for assistant dogs in the hotel.

Q.Do you rent wheelchairs?

Yes. It is free for charge, however availability is limited and is on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Q.Do you have high-speed wireless Internet access available?

Wireless Internet access is available in all of guest rooms and the lobby area for free of charge.

Q.What amenities do your guest rooms have?

All standard quest rooms come equipped with the following:
  • Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, razor, hairbrush, hairband, shower cap.
  • Face towel, bath towel, yukata (night wear), slippers, cloth brush, hair dryer, TV, alarm clock, house phone, refrigerator, electric pot, Japanese tea set, safety.

Q.Are there microwaves in the guest room?

We do have a microwave onsite (B1 floor). However, there is no microwave in the guest room.

Q.Do you have baby beds for rent?

Yes. It is free for charge, however availability is limited and is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q.Do you offer any items free of charge for guest use?

Yes. We have humidifiers, air dehumidifiers, electric fans, iron & ironing boards, and so on. There are limited numbers in stock however and is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q.What is the bed size?

Bed sizes differ depending on the room type. There are two different type of beds we use: W120cm×D203cm、W122cm×D208cm

Q.Do you have a coin laundry?

We do have a coin laundry onsite (B1 floor). we have laundry service as well.

Q.Is it okay to go around the hotel in a yukata and slippers?

Yukata and slippers are not permitted at the lobby area, restaurant Bellevue and L'avenue. Other than above mentioned area, yukata and slippers are okay.

Q.What if I left behind my belongings in a room or anywhere in the hotel?

Please call our hotel directly at 81-555-83-2211.


Q.Do I need to make a reservation for dinner?

Dinner reservation is required in advance. Please make a reservation before 5:00PM on the day. Dinner reservation for a group of more than 10 guests must be made a day before.

Q.What is the dress code for each restaurant?

Yukata and slippers are not permitted at Restaurant Bellevue. Other restaurants do not have a strict dress code and yukata & slippers are permitted.

Q.Do you permit me to bring own bottles of wine?

Yes. Bring your own bottle to our restaurants is permitted at all of our restaurant and is subject to fee. Corkage is charged per bottle.

Q.Do you permit me to bring own foods?

No, we don't. From the aspect of food sanitation, we strictly forbid you to bring your own food to our restaurants.

Q.Is smoking permitted at any restaurants?

No, it isn't. All of our restaurant is a non-smoking restaurant.

Q.I am allergic to a certain type of food. Can I make a request for certain dishes?

Please inform us when you place your reservation. We would like to try to our best to prepare foods for a guest who has allergy. However, since our kitchen is just one kitchen and our cooking staff uses same cooking utensils for any guests (even though they are washed up every time), please note that there would be a risk of contamination. Therefore we would NOT be able to respond 100% allergen-free foods.

Q.If I would not eat up my meal, can I ask you to pack up the leftover for to-go?

No. From the aspect of food sanitation, we strictly forbid you to take the leftover or any food that our kitchen cooked to your room or your home.

Q.Do you have a room service?

No, we don't.

Public hot spring baths (Onsen)

Q.What time does the public hot spring baths open and close?

Our public hot spring baths open from 5:30AM to 10:00AM in the morning, and they open from 3:00PM to 11:30PM in the afternoon and evening.
(They close from 10:00AM to 2:00PM for cleaning up.)

Q.Are there any outdoor baths and saunas?

Yes, there are an outdoor bath and a sauna at both men's public hot spring bath room and women's public bath room.

Q.What amenities does each public hot spring bath rooms have?

Please see the followings:
  • Men's public hot spring bath room: shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, hair tonic, shaving lotion etc.
  • Women's hot spring bath room: shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, hair cap, face lotion, milky lotion etc.

Q.Are any towels available at the public hot spring bath?

No, there is no towel in the public hot spring baths. We ask them to bring a face towel and a bath towel from their guest rooms.

Q.I am a pregnant. Can I use the public hot spring bath?

Please see the followings:
  • According the instruction for the hot spring bath, a pregnant at the beginning stage and the later stage should avoid taking the hot spring bath.
  • Even if you are at the mid stage of pregnancy and are still worried about taking hot spring bath, please ask your primary doctor.

Q.My son is still in a diaper. Is he permitted to take the public hot spring bath?

No, from the aspect of sanitation, we strict forbid for a baby who still in a diaper to take the public hot spring bath.

Q.Are people with tattoos allowed in the public hot spring baths?

There is a no tattoo policy enforced in the public hot spring baths.
However, only if you could cover your tattoo with two sheets of tattoo cover sticker (10cm x 15cm), you would be allowed to take the public hot spring baths. Please ask the front reception about the tattoo cover stickers.
(Effective as of July 1st, 2017, we would introduce this rule on a trial basis.)

Other hotel facilities and services

Q.Do you have any staff who speaks languages other than Japanese?

Yes we do. As a matter of fact, Some of our staff speak English fluently to communicate with foreign guests, some do not.
In order for all of our staff to communicate with guests in English or Chinese or Korean, we have implemented a translation system for multi-languages at the front reception in January 2016.

Q.Can I take a walk throughout the hotel's garden?

Yes, you can. Mt.Fuji soars up in front of the hotel, which is situated in a great 100,000m² garden that changes its appearance through the various seasons.
There is a 1.6 km walking path along the lake front.

Q.Is a kid allowed to play golf at the short golf course?

Yes, a kid is allowed to play golf only when he or she is accompanied by an adult. Kid's rate is at half price of adult's rate which includes golf clubs rent for kids.

Q.How many tennis courts do you have? Do I need to make a reservation for a tennis court?

There are three tennis courts. Reservation is recommended for use of tennis courts.

Q.Does the hotel provide any wellness services?

Yes, we have a beauty-treatment salon at the basement.

Q.Do you have any restrooms for disabled at the hotel's public area or guest rooms?

Yes. We do have a restroom for disabled on the hotel's B1 floor.

Q.Do you have foreign currency exchange service?

Yes, we do. Exchange service from USD, EURO and GBP to JPY is available at the Front Desk. The limit of foreign currency exchange is up to 100USD, 100EURO and 100GBP. The service would be subject to out-of-service without notice due to shortage of JPE fund.

Q.Do you cash traveler's checks?

No, we don't.

Area information

Q.Is there any convenience store near the hotel?

There is a Seven Eleven about 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Q.Is there any drug store near the hotel?

There is a drug store about 5 minutes by car.

Q.Is there any hospital near the hotel?

There are some hospitals about 10 minutes by car.

Q.Are there any restaurants near the hotel?

There are some restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. If you go restaurants by car, there are many. Please feel free to ask our front staff for more detailed information.

Q.Do you have any maps for the area?

Yes, we do have different type of maps. Please feel free to ask our front staff for maps and they would give you some advices about the area or facilities you might want to visit.