Japanese-style twin room

Room details

This twin room features a seating area, air conditioning and electric kettle. 
Max guests 2
Bed type(s) 2 single beds 
Room size 36 m² (balcony 4.7m²)
Amenities Bath amenities/hand soap/toothpaste set/razor/shower cap/comb/brush/bath towel/towel/yukata/slippers
Equipment Air conditioning/heating/floor heating (washbasin, shower room) / observation bath (not a hot spring) / shower room / 2 washbasins Air humidifier/ Refrigerator/ Hair dryer/ Kettle/ Mineral water/ Drip coffee (Fujiya Hotel original) Large LCD TV (52 inches)/Bluetooth audio connection USB port for charging (2.4A) / Internet connection (Wi-Fi) / Safety box 

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